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During the 5 decades we have been serving Houston area businesses as a leader in commercial ac repair services, we believe that preventive maintenance pays for itself. It will allow you to:

Identify chiller service problems early enough to reduce overall repair cost

Improve chiller reliability

Allow for scheduled repairs

Prevent costly downtime or catastrophic failure

At Premium HVAC, our commercial ac repair specialists will service reciprocating chillers of any make or model. For the last fifty+ years we have helped reduce the overall repair costs by accurately diagnosing your equipment and repair the problem correctly.

As a part of our preventive maintenance program, we carefully test the internal mechanical condition of the equipment without disrupting the internal components.

By correctly testing the condition, we are able to forecast and track the problems. 

Some of the testing includes:

Reciprocating Chiller Oil Analysis

Reciprocating Chiller Vibration Analysis

Reciprocating Chiller Resistance Testing & Analysis

Reciprocating Chiller Mechanical Alignment/Run Out

Premium HVAC is Your Trusted Expert in Houston