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Commercial AC Services for Pneumatic Control Systems Since 1958

At Premium HVAC, we understand that not all buildings have “state of the art” controls and equipment. We make it our goal to not only provide expert service on modern, cutting edge systems and technologies, but to also provide experienced and reliable service for older equipment.

Premium HVAC is pleased to offer reciprocating and centrifugal compressor tear-down and overhaul services as well as troubleshooting and repair/restoration of pneumatic control systems and other system related components and sub-systems.

When providing pneumatic control systems, we allow our customers full access to their automation systems and help implement control upgrades and energy savings strategies to help reduce your energy costs.

Some of the Pneumatic Control System services we offer include:

New Construction Pneumatic Control System Installations

Retrofit Pneumatic Control System Installations

Design & Build Pneumatic Control System Installations

Existing Pneumatic Control System Additions & Repair

Pneumatic to DDC Change Outs

Pneumatic Controls Repair & Maintenance

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